Friday, January 06, 2006

Autograph Collecting Becomes More Expensive Effective January 8, 2006 - U.S. Postage Rates Rise

Our hobby of collecting autographs through the mail is about to become more expensive effective Sunday, January 8, 2006, thanks to a postal rate increase by the U.S. Postal Service.

First-class letter rate postage will increase from 37 cents to 39 cents.The cost for mailing a postcard will increase from 23 cents to 24 cents.

Of particular interest to us autograph collectors who mail 9x12 or 10x13 manila envelopes, the cost for mailing a second ounce will increase from 23 cents to 24 cents. This means that instead of affixing a 37 cent stamp plus a 23 cent stamp on the SASE and outer envelope ($0.60), we now must affix a 39 cent stamp plus a 24 cent stamp on the outer envelope ($0.63) on both.

For complete information, see the USPS Press Release.


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