Friday, February 17, 2006

Sean Lennon: A John Hancock in the John?

Part of the etiquette of the autograph collecting hobby is to always respect the privacy of celebrities.

A fan apparently crossed the line and asked Sean Lennon for his "John Hancock" while in the "John", as he was taking a break from filming of his music video for "Dead Meat".

According to Lennon's rep, Sean indicated that it was not the right place and time to be asking for an autograph.

This shows the length to which some autograph seekers will go to obtain a celebrity autograph, even pursuing celebrities in a restroom. In the long run, it ends up hurting the autograph collecting hobby in general, as the fans that play by the rules and respect celebrity privacy are increasingly rebuffed by celebrities intent on (rightfully) keeping in control of their privacy.

This is happening more often - celebrities refusing to sign because "fans" can't seem to exercise good judgement in deciding to pursue an autograph. Before approaching a celebrity - always ask yourself - "Is this really an appropriate time to approach a celebrity for an autograph?". If they are in the restroom, or enjoying a meal in a restaurant, or in a private conversation, your answer to yourself should be "No. Maybe next time". You would be doing the celebrity, and ultimately, other autograph collectors - a courtesy.


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